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  1. Flight Log 19 | Charmed Chance | SSHQuad v3 Perspective Flip Practice

    Just some more practice flipping my quad. This time I attached the roll bar so that I could attached my mobius to it. Interesting seeing my flips from the quad's view. I think I may beed to turn up the stick scalling to it flips faster in one spot.

  2. Flight Log 18 | Got to Move On| SSHQuad Flipping

    Flips!!! I can now do flips with my SSHQuad quad line of sights. They are by far the ugliest looking flips but I can do them with consistency now.

    I actually started practicing flips using my nano qx and I could get the full rotation easily but could never recover before hitting the grass except a few times. My Nano has never quite been the same since I had to change a motor out, also one wire is disconnected... but it still flies. I have video ...

    Updated 06-13-2014 at 04:43 PM by Greg2B

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