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  1. SSHQuad FPV Mod

    So I've been slacking a bit with doing my flight log videos. I think I have two days I need to edit and two on board flight videos I need to edit as well... But In other NEWS I've taken another step towards more FPV.

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    Today my fatshark ready to fly teleporter v3 fpv system came in.

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    I got it pretty much on impulse after seeing another flite test fpv video. This system was mentioned ...
  2. Flight Log 09 | Outdoor First Flight

    My first outdoors flight of my SSHQuad that I built from parts of my two Turnigy Micro Quads.

    Overall it flies pretty well. I was fairly impressed that I was able to bang it around with out too much effort. It also took the slight wind that was blowing with no problem at all.

    It also survived a crash (3:40) free fall from about 10-12 ft up straight on the motors and my makeshift roll ...

    Updated 03-22-2014 at 06:00 PM by Greg2B

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  3. Flight Log 08 | Just some micro FPVing

    Took my Hubsan out back for some more FPV flying on a nice day. I'm getting a little bit better but still need to be aware of branches. Also keeping altitude is very hard to hold in FPV on this quad. I'm constantly hitting the ground after any maneuver.

    Also I think I truly now see the befits of having expo. Most of the quads I fly with my dx6i fly fairly well already so I could do without expo or just using very little. ...
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  4. Flight Log 07 | Micro Quad Vs The Tree

    So today I made my second attempt at flying FPV outdoors with my Hubsan 107D. I have learned that the arch nemesis of my Hubsan is "The Tree".

    The final score was 3-2 in The Tree's favor of knocking me down vs to me avoiding it. But that's ok because it may have one this battle but I will not win the WAR

    Yeah I might need to get the crash kit soon... my prop guard is already missing a few struts.
  5. Flight Log 06 | 2nd Turnigy Micro is Dead

    So it turns out my second Turnigy Micro Quad as suffered the same fate as my first. Broken in the same exact place... The crash partly my fault at flying to close to the free, but in my defense there we just some random little branches extending out from the main tree. They came out of no where. You can see the crash in the video below around 03:45.

    So now I have more then enough parts to make my own quad. I'm going to start a forum thread ...
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