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  1. Flight Log 05 | The second Turnigy Micro Quad

    So it seems some external source heard my plea and my order from HK from about a month ago came in finally. Lesson learned about about international shipping from HK... But it did come in with no damage so great job on that.

    This time I knew what and had all the tool. Flashed the KK, drill out the props, check the receiver and my TX settings. I even got a 6ch orange RX, which worked fine after spending 20 min reading the wrong instructions to set it up... Being able to flip in to ...
  2. Flight Log 04 | My Turnigy Micro Quad is Dead...

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    So finally having a full day to just fly my quad I was pretty excited but unfortunately the day did not progress as I had hoped. The total damage count for the day was:

    12/13 props destroyed: 1/2 was due to an inexperienced pilot... The rest the Quad seemed to flip out(maybe gain or gyro got messed up?, 3:00 in video with solmo) and crashed straight down at while flipping.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    1 disconnected ...

    Updated 03-08-2014 at 01:38 PM by Greg2B

  3. Flight Log 03 | First Outdoor Crash

    Just ran outside quick to get some more flight practice.
    Key highlights include:
    • Being able to land on the cooler with out stabilization on...lame I know (5:10)
    • First crash (08:07) with only 2 props damaged

    The crash was totally my fault the branch clearly was there first
  4. Flight Log 02 w/ in flight commentary + H Quad build ?

    I had some time before it got dark to do some more flying. Recorded my flights and made two videos out of it. The one below is my “fun” edit where I sliced just the parts where I react directly to what my quad is doing. Does anyone else talk to them selves while flying r/c model or am I just weird? Side note I need to get better at acro mode flying.

    The video below is the full edit minus battery changes and other extended stops. ...
  5. Turnigy Micro-Quad First Flight Outdoors

    So I took my newly fixed quad for a my first flight outdoors. Technically it's the third since I went through two batteries first just flying it in the garage. But on the last battery I was brave enough to go outside.

    I took it easy for most of the flight until about 2:30 in the video when I went up about 20 feet or so. Near the end of the video I did try to pull some move going back and forth, but it was still pretty tamed.

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