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    Summer season might have come to an finish, however a seaside trip can still provide help to calm down and rejuvenate your spirit! The “off season” is a perfect time of year to plan a seashore getaway with mates or household, Wholesale Jerseys , especially in North Carolina. This resounds crafty one to include understand but what the this means is that you must enter the practice to obtain with the ball initially by obtaining your feet behind the ball, first, anywhere it is. Bump of jump of Don't.Learn ...
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  3. The VF-9 intimidates me

    In an effort to stave off the wilies about crashing my creation the VF-9, I have distracted myself with three planes as of late.

    The First was the AP-Sea Duck. Currently the build is going well I an hooking up the servos and other electronics. And doing some fine tuning there. It's looking REALLY good, and I think I will use it for Parachute drops, so the door will remain open for now. (think on the best way to set it up to seal for water landings. It is also looking like my only ...
  4. FT Simple Storch maiden...and CRASH! Oh no!

    Latest RC channel video. My attempt at a maiden flight of my scratch built FT Simple Storch. Didn't go quite like I was hoping. Uh oh!

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