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Flight Log 10 | SSHquad Backyard FPV

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So after a few weeks of not using my "bigger" quad and focusing on only flying my smaller quads and mostly fpv, I decided today was the day to finally fly my custom built quad fpv. I had 4 and a half flights, 2 of which where fpv.

Highlights include two crashes. 3:15 inside the garden and 4:30 on the outside of the garden.

I started just flying the quad line of sight to get a better feel with all the extra weight. It's sooo heavy now with all the gear and I have to push the throttle around 70% to stay level in the air. It does move well once it going but it takes some time to get up and going. I also noticed some weird characteristics with the rudder which means I need to tweak my Yaw PID settings.

Another thing I need is some better antennas like the SpiroNet or other Omni directional ones, because once I got off the ground the signal got pretty bad quickly. I'm also thinking of upgrading my motors as well if I can find some that give me a bit better thrust without overloading my 6 amp esc.

I was trying to hold out spending any money on my quad until I could get enough parts to make a blackout quad or similar sized quad but with the shortage on motors maybe I should just improve the one I have little by little.
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