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G2B Flight Log 11 | Backyard FPV

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Still a flight log video but I changed up my editing a bit and went with more of the typical multi-rotor fpv edit vibe then just plain flight log raw edits.

So on the Sunday after my last video I returned to my backyard with a bit more experience flying my quad and tried to push it just a little bit more. I did another 3 flights FPV around the yard attempting to keep better control of the craft this time.

I still need to work on balancing the quad better but I'm learning to control the quad better. I only crashed two times fpv (4 total) which is good considering the more risks I took this time. I flew above my house to get a look at the block, around 2:30 in the video. It's pretty cool to be able to get up that high with a more decent camera then my hubsan's.

I also broke down and ordered an omni antenna and some better motors (T-Motor MT1306-10 KV3100 ). Expensive I know but they were on Amazon and I have Prime....I'm hoping they come in with my other parts so I can upgrade my craft this coming weekend.

This has really renewed my fpv interest since just flying my little hubsan was getting a bit boring doing it just inside and around my house. I also think I need to just go to other locations.
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