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G2B Flight Log 12 | New Motors

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As I mentioned last week last week I ordered some new T-Motors for my H-quad and after mounting them on I went outside to test them out on Saturday and Sunday.

This flight is of one of my more adventurous flights on Sunday. In addition to upgrading my motors I also got a spiroNET circular polarized antenna which allowed me to fly a bit further with less interference. I was able to go over the fences around the sides of my house fairly successfully.

The new motors showed a noticeable improvement then my previous turnigy ones. I also tried to use a different set of GWS black props and I now know why first hand why balancing is needed... It was completely unflyable fpv or line of sight. So I scrapped those and went back to my orange and green 5x3 props that are better balanced out the package.

So it looks like my next investment will be in a prop balancer and some better esc's.
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