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  • Dang, I didn't get a notification for this... but anyway, speaking of heauge, what episode does that reference come from?
    Has anyone asked about why subscription emails are not arriving daily if so opted for? Today around 11am I received my daily emails for 21st. Thank you!
    Thanks Dan for taking an interest in my first question on the forum. Your response will help me tremendously.
    Thanks for the help with the flip esc calibration. I was getting a little worried that it would never fly well or hover. Now i can start crashing!!
    Dear Craftydan,
    Thank you for your help with my Knuckle build. The 1200kv motors are unpackaged and are now being mounted to the frame. I sincerely thank you for your help and kindness. Pictures will be up soon. Maybe I'll fly it down south to give you a visit! . . . (jk).
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