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    My name is Bryan McCord. I wanted to volunteer for Flite Fest 2016 was wondering if the forum for volunteers was up yet. I did sign up on the Flight Fest 2016 page but I am not sure whether I got a response yet (I might be having email problems) or I could just be too early. Also I was wondering if you were handling the volunteering this year too?
    Bryan McCord
    Where Do I Start?

    I am sorry if I am doing this wrong. But I am new to the whole RC thing. I have flown a few bad helicopters and that's it. But I want to fly a plane. I am 13 years old and my family doesn't have 100-200 dollars you know? What should I do? -Michael
    Flying Monkey.. I'm just starting in FPV.. I would like to know if this camera, Ultra Micro FPV Camera and Video Transmitter (SPMVA1100) will work with this receiver, 5.8Ghz Receiver Specifications:
    Receive frequency: 5725-5865MHz; Eight Channels
    Receiving sensitivity: -90dBm
    Frequency control: Built-in frequency PLL
    Dual AV output: Direct output video signals
    The antenna interface: SMA(The needle)
    Power supply voltage: 6.5-15V
    Power supply current: 150mA
    Outsize: 61*52*13mm , Aluminum alloy shell
    I don't if I'm in the right place, but by reading your comments you sound like you know what your talking about. :D Thanks for your time.....Dave
    Hey Fred, Chris/Snoopy here. I forgot I already signed up to FT last month under my RCG handle. Nice place ya got here ;)

    I'm looking at a good weather forecast on Thursday for a sod farm run. Fingers crossed!
    Fred, Can we get a For Sale section going?

    It just occurred to me that we could use one. Or maybe that is not something you want.
    The Forum is totally messed up for the last several days on Firefox 7.0.1. All menu items are stacked on top of each other in a column on the left above the post. Everything looks good on IE and Safari.

    Good things are happening... the forum, new sponsors, and that article about forums that had that excellent preparatory paragraph for the up and down thumbs you're about to implement.

    "Don’t be offended, one of the amazing things with internet forums, is that you’re going to be wrong, about everything, at least according to somebody."

    Well said. Looking forward to the new feature and reduced superfluous posting. Thanks!
    I hear you. And I really hate it when possibility becomes more like probability.
    Are the special labels a user level thing or something for only the truly geeky with those special permissions? Just curious. I'm happy having graduated past junior member.
    Ok, now I know you're enjoying this. "Destroyer of foam", nice touch. Is there a Not Quite Flite post you need to share regarding this?
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