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  • hello sir,
    I think the styro foam ice box is 1inch of thick and if I know that's an ordinary styro foam but the color is pink but the foam is hard and strong..can I make that as a fuselage and wing section of my diy rC model plane...and i planned to make that as spitfire or b-25 model..
    hello Mr, hai Lee
    thank you for your instruction..
    yes! sir I have already familiarize in hot wire cutting foam tools..and I have on it and thats only a diy using nichrome wire from my old soldering iron...what type of cardboard sir? we have here cardboard but made in paper material..I think 2mm of thickness.. I forget I live in Rosario LA union phillipines..LA union is a very nice place and a good province
    My email is available on request. If you need any help even with your own design then just ask. If I don't know I will try to find out. Life is too short to have your planes sitting in the Hangar.
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