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  • No wories about the delay. I'm just rying to maximize my flight experience.

    I have since bought a 2nd LiPo for it. They're both 3S 500mAH's. I've also been playing with the flaps a bit and trying to get a slow landing speed.

    It is a fun and relaxing plane to fly. I have had a problem happen twice now though. Twice the hatch has popped off and the battery dangled into the prop. The prop brok both times. I need to fasten the battery better than just velcro. Replacement props are not as common as I would have expected.

    I also have a Durafly Excalibur, also a lot of fun.
    I saw in a post you have an Adagio. I picked one up at FF, have had 2 flights, and am enjoying it.

    What did you like best for a battery and what kind of flight times were you getting?
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