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  • I'm hoping so too! It would be a great feeling to know I got it back to him / her. Its really is rewarding both ways.
    Sorry i have not responded sooner. I only just saw that i had a message.

    i enjoy 3s 500 or 800 mah bats on my adagio. I've flown the 2s as well, but like the power the 3s gives me when i need to get myself out of trouble (which i tend to do a lot... )
    I didn't get anything seeing as I don't actually celebrate it. Flying, bad... now that this entire area is controlled airspace...
    Mi trabajo con Rotor Riot ahorita es remunerado, desde Ecuador. Pero iré de visita en tiempo para Flite Fest.

    De hecho el primer avión que quise construir en balsa era un Piper Cub :)
    Hey Jim, disculpa - no me ha llegado notificación de este mensaje.
    Un amigo tiene un Zephyr, le gusta bastante :D Pero dice que prefiere el Blizzard de Multiplex. Cuestión de gustos!
    Te cuento que ahora ando trabajando con Rotor Riot, contestando correos de soporte, gestionando los sorteos y creando contenido escrito. Es genial!
    No he volado mucho, pero estoy armando otro Baker McMillen Cadet II, y esta vez tendrá RC. En un par de semanas llegará mi Alien 5" asi que estaré construyendo eso. Talvez se den las cosas para ir a FliteFest 2016 pero aún no es seguro.
    Un poco, talvez - he estado trabajando todo este tiempo. Los aviones atrayendo polvo en vez de mi atención. Pero me escribió un rep. de GearBest y quieren unos articulos y reviews, vamos a ver qué sale de eso.
    When I look at the people who have visited my blog, JimCR120 shows up in red. Does it show up in red because you are a Site Moderator?
    Gracias por la felicitacion Jim, pues aqui estoy, que el aburrimiento nunca llega en este hobby ya que siempre hay mucho que aprender y ofrecer, y soy muy aventurera en que me gusta probar cualquier cosa nueva!!
    I've been tending to husband, father, family duties lately. Thanks for asking. I have some catching up to do and hope to be on more as it warms up and the (warmer) flying season settles in.
    Jim I didn't know you were in the Navy. So where did your son come to to in Australia? I live in Melbourne :)

    We are planning on coming to the US possibly next year and when I come over I might even show you my FPV gear lol The last time I was in the US was about 20 years ago!!! Man that's a long time. My Son really wants to come over . . . and fly with Mr Bixler and the FliteTest Crew :)
    I'm currently doing some Contract work with Boeing Australia doing some Design Engineering, we have a lot of Americans here at the moment!!
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