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  • Hello Nerdnic.

    I just joined the forum a couple of days ago. I have been pursuing a design of a mini scale B25 (my favorite warbird) for a few months now. I have 99% of the actual design and mechatronic features complete, but I am stuck on figuring out exactly what thickness I should assign to the DFTB on my 3D modeling software.

    The nominal thickness is 0.1875" inches but when I measured it with a digital caliper it was around 0.186". Would it make a significant difference which value I use? BTW, I am using a laser-cutter for building.


    P.S. I mentioned this in my first forum post, but again, I want to personally thank you for the inspiration you have given to the FT community.
    I am a new hex builder and want to know what I need to order for my transmitter LCD Screen to operate also I need to know what I need to monitor my voltages.
    Just so you know, you have me super stoked on the DH 88 now. No rush but I'm certainly looking forward to it.
    Could you please tell me what is the length of the body of the FT Duster and what is the size of the propeller with three blades . I would appreciate that you will help me with this.
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