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Early Swappable Engines

I have noticed that the newer double engine planes require "power pack" engines that can be purchased at the store. Still not a good flier as I would like to be. I have a few engines from earlier swappable planes (FT Flyer, Nutball, Delta) that can still be used, but not sure if there is a double engine plane that I can use them on. Many ideas come to mind but still not sure if these engines can be used. Any suggestions?
I'd start by stating which specific engines you have ;). Or if they match the standard spec. stated in those plans (24g 1300kV)then just that info. Makes it a lot easier.
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Thanks for the place to start DKchris

Yep you were right on the engine, it was HEXTRONIK 24GRAM BRUSHLESS OUTRUNNER 1300KV ENGINE. I still have the ESC's for the engines as well as the batteries. I will be using the Orange RX 6 channel transmitter radio and Orange receivers in the planes.
The only ones in the right size/weight range are the mighty mini twins, i.e. the mini cruiser and the mini guinea; They are spec'd with similarly sized 22-2300kV motors running tiny 5x3 props though. Not too surprising, as the FT guys lately are probably more likely to have the 2300's lying around from their different multicopter projects than the 1300's more common in indoor winged aircraft and such.

I think your 1300kV's might be usable, but probably with different props. The 8x3.8 ones typically used for your motors will not clear the fuse on any of them. Could look like a 7x5 will just barely fit on a mini guinea if the motors will handle them?(not completely unlikely) Note: we're talking something like just 1/6-1/8" tip clearance or so if my somewhat coarse calculations are right, so better double check it yourself. Ought to give similar airspeed and a fair bit more "oomph" than the 5x3 2300kV setup.

On the mini cruiser it looks like there's not really room for so terribly much more than the spec'ed 5" props. If you can find something like a 5x5 prop (I think i saw some 2-bladed 5.5x5 on HK?? Or maybe a 3-bladed?) somewhere, that theoretically might work with your 1300kV's, though I can't guarantee it......
Has anyone tried pushing the motor mounts out to fit a larger prop on the mini-guinea or cruiser? The landing gear would need to be lengthened or make it a belly lander. Just wondering if anyone has tried it.