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Episode 52 - One Year Later...


Crazy Engineer
Episode 52 - One Year Later...
Released: December 9, 2016


First off big Thanks to all of our listeners with out you we are just crazy people talking to the wall.

Now back to the episode. Join the whole crew for our nostalgic look back over the first year of FFRC.

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Ikon issue

As you can see in the photos the older board design had the Tantalum capacitor on wires. The tabs or wires will fatigue over time causing them to break. Another spot to keep an eye on is the daughter board (the small 90 offset board with the pins) the solder joints that hold it to the main board can get stress cracks. Just hit them with a soldering iron to re-flow the solder maybe add a little fresh stuff and it should be good to go. **Images below taken from google search**

Old design

New design

Solder joins to watch

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