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finally getting into 3d rc. for real this time :)


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Good afternoon,

Been in RC for... well... decades now. Mostly 2.25d (off road all types).

First experience with RC flight was ~'96 with a balsa piper cub that took many hours to build and only minutes to destroy. Looking back, it was a pretty fantastic spectacle. However, at the time, it was rough for my young self to process. Took a few years off rc flight after that.

About 10 years (or a little more... time != my thing) and a few simulator hours later, I had a beautiful t-rex 450 cp helicopter. Had about 4 training flights (hover, forward, back, side-to-side) and really enjoyed it. Naturally I wanted to do something "cool" which ended in a similar fashion to the cub so many years earlier.

Now we're another 10 years or so down the road and it's time to try again. Only this time, I'm "winging it" a lot less as I've got a group of real life players around. Additionally, the amount of information, robustness and price of products has never been better.

Enter you fine folks. :)

My particular interest in flight is FPV either small-ish planes or mini/micro quads eventually moving up to race quads with my friends. I have access to a few relatively large unpopulated spaces that will be ideal for moving out of the simulator and into the real world. The rainy season just started here in Seattle, so I've got at least 6 months to practice in a controlled environment.

I've been using FPV on my RC cars for a few years now. The tech in FPV has come so far in just the last 12 months it's really mind blowing.

Anyhow, that ended up being a much longer intro than expected. I will have several questions over the next few weeks about, I'm sure, a great many things.

Welcome back to the madness mate.

There surely is plenty of experience and diversity here to pull from for any questions you may have. Looking forward to hearing more about what you plan and will be doing. Also happy to help in the multi rotor / FPV department should you have questions.


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Hello cy0t.
In my book your intro isn't too long if I can see it all on the screen at once. Our forum is a very family friendly one and getting to know the members makes a difference. We're people above all else who happen to enjoy a common interest. And because it's people first, this forum has earned a reputation for going the extra mile when it comes to being helpful.

Welcome to the forum.
I learned very quickly with helicopters trynig to do something cool would end in broken bits especiallyonce you pass the micro size. even the small 250 can destroy itself from a simple tipover..

been flying helis for 3 years and just took a break moving to planes for a bit after my 250 had a carsh and then shortly after that my 450 leaving me with 2 shefled helis and only 1 remaiong (trex 600 nitro really dont want to crash that one)

When i read the thread tittle i was especting 3d profile planes? or a 3d plane of some sort. Not FPV


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Heh. Gotta remember the audience, I didn't mean to mislead. Moving from RC cars on the 2d plane to multi-rotors/planes/helis in 3d space is the jump I'm making today. Tomorrow, who knows :)