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Flight Test Fan or Fanatic? Help me...

Is Jack a Fan or a Fanatic that must be stopped?

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I came back to flying Helis when I found the technology had improved (SAFE and such), making learning curves simpler. I started out with the Blade 200SRX. But then I found the world was invaded with quadcopters. As a big fan of Horizon Hobby, I purchased many of their quads.
  1. Nano QX (regular, FPV, and the 3D)
  2. The QX 180
  3. QX 200
  4. QX350
  5. Chroma
  6. Plus several more indoor quad fliers, my favorite being the Latrax Alias.

Then I found Flight Test and immediately was hooked. I feel like they are the Josh's that taught me to appreciate fixed wing flight. On one episode they had a Sportsman S+ and they handed the controller to Jen (wife of Josh B). I went out the next day and got me one of those...a great learning airplane.

I have built so many of their planes, my little bride of 39 years organized an intervention. "you have got to stop" was the general theme. I have retired a few and lost a few to Mother Nature, but below is my operational inventory. in no particular order...
  1. Storch
  2. Spear (2)
  3. Versa pusher, Versa Tractor, Blunt Nose Versa.
  4. Mini Arrow. (2)
  5. Sportster (2 minis and 2 FT's)
  6. Sparrow (3)
  7. Vector
  8. F22
  9. Mini OA1
  10. Mini SE5
  11. Tiny Trainer (2)
  12. Mini Guinea (2)
  13. FT 3D
  14. Bloody Wonder
  15. FT Mustang
  16. Mini Speedster

Then, typically from evaluations seen on the FT channel I have purchased:
  1. Sportsman S+
  2. The N-ROCH 3D
  3. The Sukhoi SU 29 3D
  4. The YAK 54 Mini 3D
  5. The Walkera F210 racing quad

I have 6 Radios, 3 pairs of FPV Goggle (Dominator V3 my fav) and a staggering inventory of parts.

I found an ebay sale last month...5 mini quads (not micro) that I knew were quite capable for a 100 bucks...typically 39.95 each. I bought 10. I put 4 in the xmas children's toys box at my office and gave the rest away to any young person that showed interest while I am flying at the school across the street. (this in fashion with Josh's mission to get more people in the hobby.)

So, am I a fan of flight, or a fanatic that must stop like the little bride thinks. You can bet on what I think...



Wow you are definitely a fanatic!!! I'm jealous!!! I have built maybe 15 scratch builds/speed builds. I have bought 3 or 4 RTF/ARF. I have bought 3 toy quads. I currently have 2 radios and about 5 flyers. I keep crashing and building. Your hobby room looks great. I love the way you store your planes. Don't stop but I think you have enough to play with for quite a while.


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I think you are fantastically organized in your storage solution. :applause:

Looking at your hanger list, the next great frontier is the community designed planes like the nnP-39 and localfiend's PBY Catalina


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The trick to hobbies and woman who start to do that "You have too many" (insert whatever) is simply point them to their ***elry box or their shoe storage areas and just blink at them a few times without saying a word.

As for your post I would say you are passionate more so then fanatical as you are far too organised to be a fanatic.

EDIT: Wow seriously? The word ***elry gets the first three letters blocked? Isn't that a touch more PC then the world really needs?
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Fan? Possibly! Fanatic? NAH! Not really as he hasn't build every model yet!

OBSESSED! That is a better term!


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Yea, you got it bad. I have been in the hobby almost a year now and wonder when my wife is going to say, don't you have enough airplanes?

She is OCD about being clean and organized so I make an effort to not make too much mess..


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If I had the money I'd be just like you! But being 13 isn't quite full of finances and any money I get usual is spent on parts for the few planes I have. I've bought 4 RTF/ARFs (only one of them left :p) and have built 4 FT kits (on the Sea Duck now) and have a Spear waiting to be built. Scratch builds on the other hand, well I've lost track of them!


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Well i restarted the Hobby at 1.11 this year and i have build the Spitfire the scout the alpha, i had the mini corsair speedbuild kit in stash snd plan to build a lot more. So i know exactly what you think. I would say..... Fanatic ��
Looks like you are at just the right level of obsession. It has not taken over the whole house...yet. I started with an RTF Apprentice and on the first day at the flying club I talked to a guy with a Bloody Wonder. I then drank the figurative kool-aid. Not sure how many FT planes I have built and crashed. I think I like building more than flying. I am to the point that I have to take them out "flying" (crashing) just so I can free up some electronics for the next build.

I wouldn't say that I'm an expert builder by any means. I just love to build and build. I'm not a very good RC pilot either but sometimes I crash accidentally on purpose. Usually doing something beyond my capability.

So, it seems to me, from my perspective, you are a bit of a hoarder. And by that, I mean that you may not be very good at crashing. I'd look into that...
The trick to hobbies and woman who start to do that "You have too many" (insert whatever) is simply point them to their ***elry box or their shoe storage areas and just blink at them a few times without saying a word.
I am TOTALLY using this. I just bought my 3rd plan. So I now have a trainer for friends, a tundra and a Radian. All different planes. But was asked, "did you need another?"

I'll probably be sleeping n the spare room, but it will be worth it


I vote fanatic. Its obvious you need an immediate intervention. I am currently organizing a team to save you. We will need suggestions from you and your family as to where your wife might like to live. We will try to arrange conjugal visits. Stay strong!!!! lol


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I tell my wife I could be sitting in a bar, doing drugs, wasting away watching tv, or just plain doing nothing. So the rc hobby is good for the brain, soul, and keeps your hands busy and out of trouble. That being said, I sometimes hide the fact that I am watching FT videos and surfing the internet for RC stuff...I too have the problem/addiction...
I had to vote "Fan" because I couldn't support the "must be stopped" option! I started with smaller/simpler quad-copters, then stumbled across Flite Test as well. I've purchased several SAFE planes and (and quads), as I am a stubborn "I can figure this out" sort of person. I still have two FT kits in the basement waiting to be built; I'm holding off building them until I can find a place to store them. I look at Jack as a slightly out of control RC nut, but someone I can also use as a point-of-reference (to my wife) to show that I really don't too many RC projects.