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Flite Fest 2016 World Record

Not yet.

I just see the "Pending" notice every time I check. There isn't a progress bar or anything like that for feedback.

It was more than several weeks ago at this point so we should be getting something back soon.
I was hoping to hear something by Christmas. Any word yet on whether they accepted our World Record attempt? Once they do, how do we order individual certificates?


I'm debating on whether to retire my World Record setting Sky Surfer or keep flying it. You know, there are only a couple of hundred World Record setting planes around. It be a shame to lose it to a crash. :cool:
@ Old Flyboy - I just checked the site and there is nothing to tell me where they are with their review. All I get is "Pending". No status other than that. Not even a timestamp of when I submitted it so can't do the math to see how much time is left for their 12 week window. can't be much.

@ Pat - I am a sentimental pack-rat and I'd want to have it around. Though it wouldn't bother me if I got the flights out of it I could and just had it glued up on the wall for the momento once it's flying days were done.
Still no communication from them. It's gotta be within the next couple weeks though. I tried to see if I could look through my Dropbox account to see if they are accessing the proof, but couldn't find a way to tell.
Tomorrow is their last day per their outline to approve/deny the record. I send them a message yesterday asking if they were going to hit that or if not when we could expect an answer.
Thanks for keeping on top of this... I'm patient enough to wait it out... besides... what's the worst thing that can happen? Some other group can beat the record while we're waiting, and then we can beat that at the next FF.