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FliteTest in Phoenix RC (Model Index)


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Using Phoenix to build up to first real plane. I've been planning on getting the Explorer 4ch but after downloading the model you have here it feels extremely sensitive. I looked through all the replies to this thread but I have not seen anyone talk about how true to reality this is. Can anyone provide input here?
You can adjust the sensitivity by editing the model one of two ways.

Go to Edit and move the slider wheel down to 50% or whatever feels comfortable.


Or go to Edit and click Detailed in the bottom left, then expand the various airfoils and control surfaces, then reduce the angle of deflection for each.



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Got a pheonix 5.5 sim in the mail today. Got a family AMA membership this year and want my son and wife to learn to fly. HDMI'd it to the family's large flatscreen tv and having a blast tonight. Will have to get these on my sim very cool. My 13 year old flys my versacopter better than I do in real life. Are you able to put the versacopter in the sim download as well. Just wondering and thanks a ton for this work you do.
That's awesome to hear, RCman! Unfortunately Phoenix isn't very good at simulating quadcopters. The copter physics are meant for helicopters which spool up much slower than a quadcopter. I've tried it but wasn't satisfied with the results.

For quadcopters, you're much better off getting something like Velocidrone or Liftoff, which are specifically designed to emulate the experience of flying a quadcopter in fpv.


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JohnRambozo, if it's not very difficult, can you please post updates as a post in this thread (like "Added Pietenpol")?

That way who have subscribed to thread can have instant notifications that a new model was added:))
It would be very cool, if you could do it:)))

Thanks anyway for your great work!
I will do that, Yaroslaw. Thanks for the suggestion!
Please can I second this request for FT Flyer, Nutball and Delta.

My son and I are new to R/C flying and finding it a very steep learning curve. Consequently I spend more time at the kitchen table with foam and glue than at the field. Phoenix versions would be awesome!

Hi Guys!

How are You about Phoenix database of FT Nutball? I tested the FT Tiny Trainer 3CH, it is wondeful! :) So, my older Son had built the Nutball, a Hungarian modeller tried it one time (it flew), but my Son would like to train before "maiden", he doesn't want to destroy it in his firts fly...........

Pls inform me, where can I download it? ThX: rcph

I'm sorry, I'm interested in about datas of FT RACER too. It is our "champion" plane, my older Son was a homework -> let's prove existing of lift (force). We made the Racer from Depron. It flew very well, but the pilot was a modeller man, not we... I'd like to learn control of this plane with Phoenix.
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Thanks JohnRambozo for all the hard work you've put into this. I've been lurking around here for a few years now and even scratch built a Bloody Baron, but have yet to find a place I can learn to fly it over here in Japan. But, now I found your models and can fly them in Phoenix! How fantastic is that! Thanks again!
I'm having the same problem of the planes not showing up, I'm putting the models in the correct location but it's just not seeing them.
I'm not having this problem with the Flying site, that worked perfectly.

As a test, I downloaded a user-made helicopter from the simulator interface and it ended up right next to the airplane folder I was putting the FT planes in, so I have to have them in the right place. Also, not sure it matters but when I try and look at the user-made airplanes in the downloads the program likes to lock up.

It seemed like a few people were having this issue, has anyone resolved it?
Hello, 8Bit!

Try to upgrade Phoenix (to version 5.5.l); after this attempt I could reach Flite Test planes! Before this update there were unreachable.

look for: DOWNLOADS / PROGRAM / 5.5.k to 5.5.l update

save as: PhoenixRC_5.5.k_to_5.5.l_update.pkg

After staring Phoenix RC, go into << Advanced main menu, there let You click onto "Install an update", and select the downloaded one (...update.pkg)

Pls restart Phoenix: this method worked for me!

Just tried all of them out. Thank you so much! Super helpful in deciding which ones I like before I build them. I agree with adding the Simple Cub. It's the newest and most popular model that was released right before Flite Fest 2017.