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How to get your aircraft to the field use a compact car

I have a chevy sonic and it is very small. I need to get my aircraft to the field. This is my solution. I went to u-haul and had them put a hitch on my car. ($360.00) Then I went to harbor fright and bought a 4x8 foot folding trailer. ($350.00) And with putting the sides which I have yet to build will give me a trailer to haul my planes for less than ($800.00) I tried to load pictures, but was unsuccessful, but the trailer I had to build and it came out great.


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I have a 1st Gen Honda Insight. Fortunately quads, tricopters, RMRC Nano Skyhunter, toolboxes and all fit in it just fine. Largest plank is a 1500 which would probably fit too. Worst case scenario, I'll take the truk. With all the rain we have had, the truk is my only option. The Insight's skinny narrow tires sink into the muddy field where the truck floats on top.


EDIT: Regenerative fueling testing at my buddy's shop:
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Around here this solution got quite popular in the last 4-5 years for just that issue(Most people in DK drive comparatively small cars making subcompacts like VW polo, Ford fiesta etc. quite commonplace):

A special reason was that the local equivalent of harbor freight was giving away the tarp awning/carrier frame sets for free with the purchase of a trailer, with the logical catch being that the tarp would be Their company color (a radiant yellow) and have the Company logo on the side. RC'ers i've met with these just loves the yellow tarp, as it won't get as hot and dark inside as with the blue tarp, and most just covered the logo or lived with being a rolling commercial.

It sure get's you going in a hurry, just add a suitable carrier structure for your models of choice inside the awning and off you go!

But it wouldn't take much in the shape of wood or whatever to make a similar light removable frame and then cover it with on of those fairly cheap heavy duty tarps. Would get you going fast now and let you save the intricate trailer rebuild for fall and winter.
I guess the only drawback would be that you can't really lock your models up inside.

Seems not to be a big issue around here, but we do have a solution for that as well: A used tent trailer like this:

The size does put a limit to the size of ones models, but it'll be waterproof, strong, very light and pretty much ready to go. And usually quite cheap too, if you find one where the tent has rotted away. Won't really help you since you've already bought your trailer, but someone else might pick up on the idea.
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THAT would be a neat idea! Always had a thing for those Teardrop campers; We barely ever see them over here though. I guess because the bare frame trailers are a rare sight here?
Just remember to add a large hatch at the tow end if you build it with the full rear kitchen setup! Those tiny doors are not really optimally sized for model airplanes. Maybe even leave them completely out and just have the hatch for access; would give you a "room with a view" for bright weather camping (add a mosqitonet), and possibly even a bit of a canopy over the entry opening for rainy days :)

Would also add some nice resale value, in case you get a bigger car etc.
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