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Idea for a show vodcast

I had an idea for a half yearly show (or whatever time you guys decide). Get the boys to comment on fans builds from the forums. If the build is a scale model spend a couple of minutes talking about the real aircraft too. (Yes I know I have a good build if I do say so myself).


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Putting FTs endorsement on a contributors build is fraught with issues and could be dangerous to their reputation.

Firstly they could pass the comment on the appearance of your build or even how it appears in the video, (if supplied), but without them building one or more themselves and conducting their own evaluation program they could not really endorse any particular design.

Why should FT involve itself in endorsements when it has its own product line to test, produce, and then provide for its regular customers?

The recently released FT Simple Cub would have taken months to get to market including a lot of build and flight testing!

Finally there are a myriad of great builders on the forums and some are even greater pilots. If your scheme was adopted, (I would not recommend it), how do you choose the builds you would select from the great number of great builds or designs that I see every year without offending those whose designs are not selected?

I do not want to discourage you and applaud your efforts! Please by all means feel free to post your design and flight videos for the information and enjoyment of others. Hey! Even do your own promotional videos of planes the you like or design yourself!

Above all Enjoy!

Have fun!