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Magnetic building board for balsa models

I have one, made a bunch of the fixtures. Works really well. I was lucky enough to work at a company where I could have them shear a piece of sheet metal and get it painted.

Works for foam models as well, Use a couple of fixtures to hold that 90 deg angle. Hot glue peels of the metal easily.
Years ago I bought an E.J. Lind Magnetic Building Board system. It works reasonably well for holding things true but lacked in clamping force. I still use it for squaring things up though. Looking forward to printing some replacement parts for it soon.



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So, I ordered a small medium set of fixtures and magnets with my tax return. The mail man came yesterday and forgot to put the parcel box key In my mailbox, so now I am staring out the window at the parcel mail box wondering how to get inside before Monday...arggggggg!!!!!!


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Got the Steel Building Board done!

One of my customers gave me a 20" x 60" section of 18 gauge steel for my building board free! So today I sanded, put 2" gridlines and center lines on it and clear coated it so it wont rust over time. It came out really good and it should be very flat. I also cut out a piece of 1/2" CDX plywood and finished it with Minwax. I will put the plywood on top of my card table underneath the sheet metal to help keep it flat. I could mount the plywood to the steel, but I am afraid it would get too heavy, so with them separated I can move and store them easier. Once I put a finish on the airfield fixtures I will post up a picture of the complete system. This is almost like a build in itself setting up the magnetic build system and it should last me a lifetime, also looking good along the way!

The raw steel.

Sanding it smooth.

Marking the 2" grid lines using a sharpie.

Clear coat finish, using rustoleum gloss clear coat.
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I've recently started using the magnetic building surface and absolutely love it. With a 3D printer I'm also able to print some fixtures now to really increase accuracy during the construction.