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Make it go faster!! (Hotprops practice )


Fly Angry
This is my last Hotprops practice session. Still trying to find the fastest set up to fly in the sim. This one is my fastest so far.

physics settings are:

100 mm arm length
200 mm body length
50 mm body width at 535 gr
5s battery spinning 5x5x3 inch props.

RC rate is 2,2,2.05
Super rate is .63,.63,.65
Max vel is 1081, 1081, 1586
and zero expo across the board.

This is 60 degrees FOV with 53 degree tilt on the quad.

I played with the motor kv slider until I found the highest thrust I could find which for this run was 1815 gr. Flat out run across the field above the obstacles got 172kph top speed. Originally I have been flying with the settings more close to the actual ones of my Alien in real life. I been doing a lot of sim flying with the bad weather so I figured its time to up the game and get some of the old reflexes back from my younger "I wanna race everything" days of speed.

If anyone else uses this and has a faster settings feel free to post it here so other can try.

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Fly Angry
I want to get even faster. I think in the straights I was topping out at either 163 or 168 kmh on that run but its hard to see with the camera not filtering it better. I REALLY need to get a screen capture for video that doesn't lag the games so I can record much better quality instead of using a video camera to film a TV. I will play around more now with prop sizes and weights an such to see what the fastest the sim can do is over time. Now I just need to build a quad that will fly as quickly and learn to pilot that at top speeds. :D


Fly Angry
Thanx for the tip mate but I will NEVER intentionally put win 10 on anything I own. When win 7 goes bye bye its off to linux I go. Besides I have not owned a console since 1988. I need to stop being cheap and lazy and get another HDMI cable with that modifed D connector or whatever they use for multi monitor hookups so I can output right to my goggles, fpv dvr, or an old disc burner sitting in the closet.

I got it up to 210 kmh now after messing around with size and weights. I think gravity is next to see if a quad will fly in zero gravity ;)