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motor vibrations

ok ive got a emax gt2215 that has a vibration my question is if the motor has a vibration can it affect the 2.4ghz receiver getting its signal at about 250 to 300 feet the motor will start speeding up and slowing down when its sped up you have no control then when it cuts off i regain control then it speeds up and i loose control then it stops again and i have control of the rudder and elevator once again


Eternal Student
I don't think that motor vibrations can cause interference like that, more likely someone running really powerful WiFi or maybe a damaged Rx antenna. Have you done a range test on the ground? How is your failsafe set up?


Fly Angry
I would think more of the lines of voltage brown outs taking juice from the receiver. Are you running the Receiver off the bec from the esc?
How much does it vibrate? I have a motor that vibrates like crazy... Brand new too, well 6 years ago was purchase but just used this year. Could not send it back of course. It's for a Honeybee King 2 heli... I never noticed any radio interference from it. How ever it vibrated so badly, I cut the wires on it and threw it in the trash.

I have had planes in the past vibrate but never lost radio contact from it. Hmmmm just re-read your post and back then I had FM radios. I do not know about 2.4ghz systems and vibrations. I would assume the same, would not be a problem. But I would get another motor if you're sure it is the motor that is vibrating...

Just my 2 cents, hope it helped :)