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Pre-Sales Online Chat


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I am hoping someone can help you about the store chat. I cannot.

However, if you have questions about products and are looking for assistance, ask away. :)
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reply to cranialrectosis

I hope maybe you would know about FPV setups
I have purchased the E-Flite Opterra Wing and wish to install the following FPV equipment:

1. XAT-600M / HS1177 FPV Camera (From FT store)
2. ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz A/V Transmitter (From FT store)

My question is where do I buy wiring harnesses from Cam to TX and should I run a seperate battery for FPV equipment or splice into main battery?

Thank You in advance!


One Faceplant at a Time
Sorry to answer your questions with a question.

Can you solder it (the harness and the splice) yourself?

I'm a quad guy and I do it all the time. It makes it simple.

The Opterra Wing (nice model! :)) uses a 3S lipo. Assuming you are using 3S, the answer to your question depends on what that camera can handle (per the RotorRiot page 5-22v). This means you can power the camera from 5v output on the VTX (5v out per the photo in the FT store!) or you can power it from a 3S or 4S lipo. The VTX is 6-25V so you have options galore! :)

Adding another lipo complicates CG. I would try to power FPV from existing power if you have the skill. I would power the cam from the VTX if you have the soldering skill.

If you think soldering is something nerds do, these might help. :)

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Do you fly with other people at all? If so you may want to rethink using a 600 mw tx. That's a quick way to make people mad at you when you power up in the pit and they are flying. Also that requires a HAM licence to use in case you were unaware.

Usually the tx and the camera come with cables already so its a matter of splicing the correct wires so both cables become one harness. The nice thing is you can custom make it to fit your quad and route the wires where you want. It also eliminates the extra wad of wire you commonly have with per built generic harnesses.
Thanks so much to all that commented and your assistance.
I will place the order and warm up the soldering iron!!
I will also consider the 200mW TX, knowing full well a HAM is in my future.

Best to all!!
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hahaha I soo love that movie. Not on zee left side, Not on zee right side but right in zee middle. That and the Howard Cosel impersonator.


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From the looks of the cables that come with the camera, you might not need to do too much soldering. The look to be compatible with the fatshark vtx Jr style camera inputs. The vtx should come with cables for at least power but it's not pictured. As others have mentioned, it's generally easier to power that from the flight battery. One could do that with a connection to the balance port connector on the battery (outer most pins for full pack voltage) or as others have suggested, splicing into the main pack battery connection.
Makattack you hit the nail on the head. The box contents are not shown, so I finally found on HobbyKing the full contents. I decided to use the FatShark power filter to pull straight from flight battery's balance port.. Looks like the install will go pretty easy. I appreciate your help!