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Searching/Navigating the FT Articles...Noobie question

Hopefully, this is the correct forum section to ask this question. I only found one thread from several years back that is even close to my issue. I've been following FT videos for the better part of a year but only recently began actively using the Articles. With over 5800 articles in the archive, I'm finding it very difficult to find articles on topics I'm pursuing or even get back to it once I find it. Presently moving back and forth a few pages at a time through 182 pages is cumbersome to say the least. If I have missed seeing a search engine or at least a place to enter an article identifier of some sort, would someone please enlighten this noobie? If nothing exists, I'd like to humbly suggest that FT add such capabilities since the number of great articles is only going to increase with the continued success of Flite Test.

Many thanks for creating such a great community of enthusiasts.



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Not quite a solution to your problem, but adding "site:flitetest.com" to your Google search will bend google to your will. This site is regularly crawled by them, so finding content this way becomes an exercise on your google-fu ;)

BTW, welcome to the forum!


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Welcome to the forums!

And yeah, I'm not crazy about the article navigation stuff either.

The best searching tool I've found for this is good old google - there is semi-secret 'google-fu' method where you type in

Before the search keywords and it'll zoom in to only giving results in the Flite Test websites - which has the advantage of searching both the forums and the articles at the same time!


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Hooray! I has the same idea as CraftyDan on an answer!

Time to mark today down as a success and step away from the keyboard - it doesn't get any better from here :p


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There is a search bar in the articles section, also if your signed in the the articles section you can bookmark any article for future reference.
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Thanks for all the responses. Well, color my face red.... I had been looking at the bottom of each page where you move back and forth through the pages and totally missed the searching tools AT THE TOP! I also learned about the google-fu method. So, yes, it is a good day!

My first build kit is in the mail and I can't wait to get started.

Thanks again....now back to surfing the forum:D