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Setting FPV for 250mm Quadcopter

Hi there fellas,
I've built a quad(250mm) using these parts:
1. ZMR250 clone frame
2. Naze32 10DOF Rev6
3. Emax 12a BLHeli esc
4. Marspowers mx1806-2280kv motors
5. 2000 mah 3s-30c Lipo Battery
6. Flysky FS-i6 tx with an ia6 receiver.

I want to add an fpv system on the quad. But the thing is I don't want to use the fat shark goggles or the monitors. I want to setup my laptop to receive & record the live feed from the quad. I don't mind a lag of 30-50ms, which is indeed a big deal for pro fpv pilots. My flying distance would be at max 1 km. I'm planning on using the Mobius camera as I hear that's great & portable, & of course cheaper than a GoPro hero. Is there any method by which I can hook up a video receiver to the laptop & a transmitter to the Mobius on the quad & transmit? But from what I see on tutorials is that the wiring gets messy & the components heat up.
Guide me through the setup as I'm an amateur. Also, suggest the components which I can use. My first priority is money as I can't currently afford a costly setup as I've wasted many pounds on shitty ESC's & have bought about 8 batteries.

BTW anyone wanting to contact me can do so: Facebook- Anshuman.sahu.1485, Instagram-@anshuman2601