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UK supplies of Flite Test Products

Hi All

A few shop customers have requested supplies of Flite Test Adams Foam Board - well we listened and have it in shop now along with a selection of kits.

You can collect in person from Model World, Sittingbourne Kent or online from

Elite Models

It is available as single sheets for £2.49 each, Postage is £5.99, it has to go carrier due to the size and we recommend buying multiple sheets to avoid it getting bent!
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Hey Pinball,

may I ask if you ordered it directly from the US or if you got yours from Graupner with them being the European distributor?

I've talked to them a few weeks ago and they mentioned that hobby shops finally have been realizing that people request Flite Test products - after being laughed at when they started importing the stuff,
We order it from Graupner, they only have 50 sheet boxes at the moment so we are selling it as single sheets - as most people don't want 50 sheets!
We have been stocking Flite Test since the middle of last year, the interest has been steady and people are now discovering it as a fun way to fly!