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UMX FT Seaduck

I have a desire to do a little FT Seaduck.

Anyone with input on how to scale down? Will it scale down ok and fly right? Power systems?

What I am thinking is 24" or less wingspan. I do a lot of sailboat cruising and I think it would be awesome to have a UMX FT Seaduck to zip around in an anchorage when it's flat calm.

Can someone post scaled down plans?

Will it work?

Thanks for any input
Scale down


If you use the tiled plan from FT, i assume you can use your printer to scale it down. 24inch is like 43% scale

You would still need to find fitting motors though, so print the page with power pod scaled down and see what would fit,
but guesstimating, at less then 1 inch of powerpod width, might be a touch call
I used the FT and scaled mine down, built it at 60% of the original plan size and it flies great. You have to take into account the thickness of the foam and make a few adjustments here or there though, ie can't use doublers must use single piece, folds require a little extra planning too d/t need to adjust thickness of the cut out.