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What is your REAL job?

I'm Stephanie and my mother thinks I play the piano at the local cat house :black_eyed:

Actually I own and operate a small trucking company based in Central Kentucky. Some days I feel like I manage a daycare facility with the drivers... If you want to go broke quickly... Buy a Tractor/Trailer... Want to go broke faster buy multiple!

I prefer older equipment, especially with recent and upcoming changes to the laws. More reliable, allows us to focus on customer service.

Putting the head back on after a inframe rebuild on my 84
I work at my families farm am and a deli worker. I can make some good sandwiches. I work at the Jamestown cafe.. If you visit Jamestown pay me a visit and we can talk about drones and RC. Altho I just passed my 107 so idk whats next.


Slow, low and dirty.
I did the military thing (Air Force and Air National Guard) for 33 years full and part time (Aerial Photo Intel, Inflight Refueling and a couple years in the command group), then VA Benefits for 16 months. Currently work as an Assistant Inspector General, probably all I need to say about that.
I am self employed I repair and paint the plastic bumpers on vehicles. I basically have a paint shop and body shop on wheels. I am totally mobile and go to dealerships and peoples homes, if there are breaks plastic weld them back together, if they are pushed in I heat up the plastic and push it back to shape then fill prime and paint. I mix all my paint colors right in my van cost to the customer is usually about 1/3 to 1/2 of a body shop 2-3 hours I am usually done so there vehicle is not laid up for days at a shop.

On the side I train Reigning horses and buy and sell a few and show reigning and working cow horse classes.
Age, 77. Retired professional pilot. Hold BSEE from Purdue, MSEE from USC. 27 year Air Force fighter pilot. 10 year charter pilot. TDY to NASA for design of original Mission Control Center display units. Other than currency requirements, stopped logging hours after 20,000. Now I've found R/C and have the time to enjoy it.