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    Found out that the Cellophane does shrink WELL. A bit too well as the wing tips on the Storch wing curled up. Could be reheated and reshaped by adding a rib.

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    TIP: Cellophane does heat shrink A LOT.
    TIP: Mod Podge decoupage glue is great for DTFB edge treatment, waterproof and cheap and LIGHT(-:

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    Recently completed building the FT Simple Storch after picking up the quick build kit and power pack at Flitefest West. Built and flown a couple of drones but I am new to fixed wing. I followed the build video but the quick build kit contained a card with an introduction, specs and on the back the following text.
    "For best results, install all the linkage stoppers in the third hole from the center of the servos. On the ailerons and rudder, insert the push rod into the first hole from the hinge line on the control horn. On the elevator, insert the pushrod into the second hole from the hinge line on the controller horn"
    In the build video it appeared Josh installed the push rod into the 3rd hole from the hinge line on all control surfaces. Appreciate any advice on this - Richard

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    control throws on Storch

    I would follow the written instructions. Josh is an experienced flier and can handle a lot more control movement or throw.
    The horn on the servo is inverse to the horn on the ailerons, rudder and elevator. moving out on the servo arm is MORE throw and moving in on the other is more. Geometry DID have a practical purpose after all
    Check and see if there is an inch measurement of the throws. I will too and get back to you.

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    No upper struts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior7906 View Post
    It looks like you left off the landing gear struts that normally run to the upper fuselage. I have been thinking of doing exactly that, to allow for a bit of shock absorption. How has it worked for you?


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