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    I print my decals on this paper:


    This way you get very thin decals, which donīt "stand off" like vinyl stickers. As this paper is for printing "tattooīs" they form easily around curves. For durabilty you could/should add a layer of clear paint afterwards.

    For the Iron Cross vs. Balkenkreuz (bar/beam cross):

    Itīs native name is black cross and it derives from the medieval knightīs order of the "German order", a crusaderīs order which colonized the old german east up to the baltic states after the crusades ended. It resembled the red cross of the Templars, just in black color.

    In the wake of the wars against Napoleon it was in use by prussian troops to denote the lineage of a german fighting force in a time, when "Germany" was non-existent. Due to shortage of precious metals, iron was used to make medals of the black cross, which led to itīs nickname "iron cross", which after a while became the official name of this insignia.

    When in the WW1 planes had to be properly identified, the iron cross came in use again, as a very distinguishable sign, compared to our enemies, which all used different coloured cockades. As a side note: Austria-Hungary switched to the iron cross in the war, because the former used cockade was to easyily confounded with the italian one, fighting on allied side (and for another funny side-note: When Churchill learned of the italo-german axis prior to WW2, it is said, that he commented "Well, thatīs fair, last time we had to support them").

    The Balkenkreuz was a stylized, easier to paint version of the iron cross, used from 1916 on in the air force, the navy stayed with the original form. In the first weeks of WW2 the inner, black cross wasnīt in use, so only a white cross remained, especially on tanks. But like a few years later the white stars on Sherman tanks, there were to easy to spot and used as aims by enemy troops.

    Today the iron cross (with curved bars) is in use again by our armed forces (for another funny side-note: Which, as my dad always says, wasnīt an army at all but just a "stopping device" against the soviets until the real (US) army arrives) , but with the white outer lines from the Balkenkreuz.
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    I'm lucky that I have access to the design software and both a vinyl printer and cutter at work (I make commercial vehicle fleet lettering, DOT identification numbers, and legal lettering as part of my job). Too bad I'm far from artistic and can only make the basic stuff so far, such as text. I'm still working on some of the more detailed stuff.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Balsa dust is a wonderful thing, make some today!

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    Does anyone know of a decal plan for the Guinea Pig? If so would you please let me know?

    Thank you

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    I have used clear vinyl, overhead projector sheets to print decals on. Then just tape them on with thin, clear packing tape. Results have varied depending on the quality of the printer and ink. Be sure to set it all for the highest resolution.

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