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    Fairly recently I restarted with RC flying. And this time documenting some of the flights on my Youtube-channel:

    See you around, Viktor

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    Fly Angry PsyBorg's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Upstate New York
    I suppose I have been here long enough I should probably list my crappy repository for things. A lot of it is just raw footage from various stages in my quad flying career. Some of it is actual relevancy with important milestones or related to problems. There are even a few where I started to attempt learning how to edit and hopefully that will progress and continue. Finally some random crappy videos of me trying to play along with some of the music I have liked over the years as well as other randomness like flight sim videos or the one puppy sitting video.

    Feel free to comment or laugh or poke sticks at them just be gentle and please identify yourself as a forum member if your name is not similar or the same as here. Feel free to press the buttons or not I don't plan on a huge following or to try and make money at this but the support of the community is always nice to have on them times of doubt and frustration. If you don't agree or like something say so but please leave a comment so I know why and what I need to change to make things better.
    BILLS LAW: Bils Law specifically states that it covers ANYTHING that Murphy may have forgot, omitted, or plain didn't know in the first place. There fore if it can happen it WILL happen to ME.

    Psyborg FPV You Tube channel..

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    I mean, sure, why not?
    I make stuff, I vlogged for a bit, now I'm into mini quads.
    Latest vid:

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    Bounty Hunter thenated0g's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Lakeport, ca
    Blog Entries
    Heres my channel. Random FPV/RC/Scratch building stuff.

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    Aviation Enthusiast nhk750's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    Seattle, WA

    Funny thing, if you google my user name the whole first page of google is devoted to me! I think people pay big money for that, but I have had this user name for 30 years now...since the begining of online games.
    Cessna 172SP pilot, thriving RC pilot...

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    Here's my channel:
    I'm kinda just beginning now and I would apreciate it if you guys could take a look and maybe subscribe if you enjoy


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    Sep 2014
    Fairfield, California

    My Channel

    Here is my channel:
    Videos of Quads, lamnmower racing, other interesting things I see. Of coarse Flitetest planes too.

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