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    Quote Originally Posted by ericemn View Post
    Thanks, have you seen, or heard about the float plans yet? Just wondering if any type of strengthening will be needed for the float attachments...
    I have not seen the float design yet. But, I can tell you that the air frame was designed to accommodate the floats and the landing gear very nicely.
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    Great job! Fantastic rendering of the plans! Concise and informative! You could almost build it totally without the instructions, (ALMOST)!

    A nice and relatively simple design!

    One thing I would have liked to have seen included especially for the less experienced builder and that is what I call a profile checker for the wings. There have been a number of different builds, (including from kits), where the problem in performance was finally discovered to be caused by different wing profiles on each wing, (classic build error), or different wing incidence angles.

    The simplest profile checker is just an "as required or finished" wing profile cutout with top and bottom edges of the gauge cut parallel to the centre line of the profile.

    When the wing is glued and whilst the glue has not set the gauge, (or a few of them), are slipped over the completed wing and laid quickly on the build table or surface. a large board and some weights are placed across the gauge/s and it is left until the glue is set.

    By using such simple profile gauges it is possible to get a warp free wing of uniform profile.

    When it comes time to join wings a couple of profile gauges, (one on each wing) can be used to ensure the wing incidence angles are equal with a simple level, (spirit level).

    For a little work and a few pieces of scrap a near perfect wing build can be easily achieved.

    Just a thought for those scratch builders who should be capable of making their own and a request for consideration for those who buy kits from the FT store.

    I have my copy of the plans, Thank You!

    Have fun!

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