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    Quote Originally Posted by jhitesma View Post
    Yep, love the experimentation.

    I did fire mine up with no counterweight when I first build the revised version. It ran...but it sure was rough. Rougher than my crankshaft version. I didn't even try cutting with it it was so rough. A small M3 screw and washer on the back smoothed it out like butter.
    Well, if I was to disassemble the motor by removing the C-clip, which would be a little nerve wracking, I could reverse mount a socket head M3 as a counterweight.

    Your flywheel was 3D printed, correct? It could be that it's too light to not balance well? It may be a couple of weeks before I can try it out. I'm going to Monterey Friday and most of this week is also busy. I'll try to get version 1.0 of the motor mount printed tonight. Then I could do some bench testing.

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    Nothing motivates me more than having someone tell me it can't be done.
    So I cobbled together a quick needle cutter mount. I didn't try anything fancy because the first versions always end up in the trash and I didn't want to have to waste any more filament than I had to. Turned out my hole spacing for the mount didn't quite fit for example and I hand to ream out the holes a bit larger. Reminds me of DjLinux's early mouse trap designs.

    I was very pleasantly surprised at how happy it sounded. I think that if I was to put in a set screw opposite the bearing that it'll be even happier. So this is just a large diameter 700 Kvm with the protruding shaft ground down flush with the face and a needle wrapped around a small bearing screwed into one of the prop mounting holes. It took me less than 10 minutes to tape and grind down the shaft.

    I did a little cut by hand on some DTFB in the air and it was as smooth as can be expected for something held by hand. If I later determine that I need more speed, I've already sources a 900 Kvm SunnySky motor for $33

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