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That's right!!!! Moebeast... you took your MPCNC foam cutter system to FliteFest again??? And offered cutting services to a plethora of interested RC folks??? Goodness, it's been a year already??? I/we would love to hear of your experiences and get a report on how things went.

Without doubt, you've got to be one of the bravest and most prolific needle cutter users out there... and I see you're still using the needle cutter in its most basic configuration! How did it hold up? Were you as busy as last year?

Nice remix on the cutter BTW... thanks for doing it. -- David
It worked great for the most part. My needle I used since last year finally broke at midnight Friday. It was running practically non-stop for 8 hrs Thursday and 14 hrs Friday. On Saturday, I broke three times between 9 am and 2 am. There was one break on Sunday. I must have had last year's wire bent perfectly. Every break was at the bearing.

The only other issue was my control box was acting a little glitchy at times. When I turned the knob to scroll through the files, the list would disappear.

I was not having to re-zero between cuts as long as the machine stayed on. The vacuum made the set up very quick and easy.

I was much busier this year probably since I was the only one there cutting and I had more files ready. I was letting people write their name and what they wanted on the foam they provided and leave it with me. I ended up with more than I could cut. Also, since Adam's didn't sponsor this year, there was a very limited supply of free foam. This led to kids coming by and grabbing foam out of my to be cut pile. Someone even took a Simple Cub (4 sheets) that had "Rogers Family" written on each sheet.

If I do it again, I think I'll go back to a limited selection of single sheet designs and give them out as they are cut. Or, add some enhancement so it can be self service (with a credit card reader ;-) ). I will also add tabs so people can carry away without a trail of parts behind them.

I also should have made up cards or fliers with links to this thread, Jason's Instructible, and Ryan's site. It would have saved some writing, and many others that just watched for a few minutes may have gotten the information.

Several guys had seen this thread and said they were definitely going forward after seeing it in person.