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    Quote Originally Posted by moebeast View Post
    Hey guys, I wrote an article on my LowRider style simplified machine.
    I saw that! Even tried to comment but for some reason it didn't take... so I'll say it here:

    Simply brilliant, Mark! A total foam-cutter system... including vacuum-down! Good work!

    -- David

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackkrystal73 View Post
    I tried a set of DRV8825 drivers on Rascal. Im using 1\32 stepping and they are high current. It really, really smoothed out the machine..

    I think you can get a set from china cheap, if you want to mess with it. lol I know, who has the time.. Right?

    I'm actually running DRV8825's already. Never even bothered with the Awhatevers on the MPCNC since I had already upgraded my 3D printer do DRV's and was impressed with them. They do run MUCH quieter and smoother than the ones who's part number I can't remember right now.

    Like I said - my big problem was I was running my current way too low for the past year. I finally turned it up a few weeks ago and the machine is still almost silent (other than any tools I attach) and much smoother than it was. Don't see any difference in cut quality on DTFB - but cutting ply, MDF, Lexan and PVC sheets I'm getting much better results than I had been.
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    Guys, I am loving this MPCNC! 12 minutes to cut up a sheet of foam. Great stuff. The LCD control, ramps/Arduino, and Marlin, it all just works. Makes everything simple for us simple folk.

    Needle cutters, admittedly, are more arts and magic than hard science. But, once you get one dialed in, they are way more precise than I ever was with a blade.

    Thank you to all of you for the inspiration, advice and assistance.
    Be safe and have fun,

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