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    Question Turnigy 9XR - The Unofficial Thread

    HobbyKing is preparing to release a brand-new RC transmitter to replace the much-loved Turnigy 9X. The new transmitter, the Turnigy 9XR will be DSM2 compatible out of the box and will have many of the same features as the Turnigy 9X but without the need for further modifications. To give FliteTest viewers a single stop to get the latest information on the Turnigy 9XR, including linking to reviews when it actually ships.

    The RCGroups Turnigy 9XR Thread:

    More updates on the 9XR are likely to appear on HobbyKing's Twitter account

    When will the Turnigy 9XR be released?

    The Turnigy 9XR without a module was released by HobbyKing on December 24, 2012. The Mode 2 version can be purchased here.

    HobbyKing is now saying that the 9XR will be available between December 20 - December 25, 2012

    The Turnigy 9XR will be released in November 2012, according to Anthony Hand on Twitter

    As of August 12, 2012 HobbyKing was doing final testing on the 9XR. (SOURCE: HobbyKing Twitter Account) Mass production was expected to start in August. (SOURCE: HobbyKing Forums)

    In late August, HobbyKing's Twitter feed noted that sub-assemblies for the 9XR had entered production.

    What features will the Turnigy 9XR have?

    • The 9XR will natively use the 2.4 gHz DSM2 (Spektrum) protocol. This will mean that it will be compatible with Spektrum and Spektrum-compatible receivers such as HobbyKing's OrangeRX line. (UPDATE - The first release of the Turnigy 9XR does not include an RF module. Presumably a future version will have a native module.)
    • The 9XR will also include support for other protocols like DSMX, Futaba's FASST, and FrSky through transmitter modules. (SOURCE: HobbyKing Twitter "module based with inbuilt 2.4 antenna plus options for FASST, DSMX & long range 433mhz plus it looks & feels much nicer.")
    • The 9XR will use an open-source firmware similar to ER9X for the 9X.
    • A built-in port will allow for custom firmwares to be uploaded. (UPDATE - To use this feature you will need an AVR programmer such as this one
    • The display will have a built-in backlight.
    • The build quality will be better than the 9X, featuring higher-quality switches and components, and allegedly scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass.
    • The 9XR will use the same Atmega chip as the 9X.

    Who developed the Turnigy 9XR?

    The 9XR was designed and built by HobbyKing, instead of being a rebadged version of another transmitter. There is information that the Chinese company FlySky produces the 9XR for HobbyKing, although it is unclear who actually builds the radio.

    The software is a modified version of ER9X, an open-source firmware for the Turnigy 9X. Other firmware can be flashed to the 9XR through the AVR programming port in the bottom of the radio.

    Where can I buy a Turnigy 9XR?

    It is currently exclusive to HobbyKing.

    What does the Turnigy 9XR cost?

    The retail price is $49.99 without a module, battery, or other accessories.

    According to HobbyKing, the Turnigy 9XR is expected to retail for around $50. (SOURCE: HobbyKing forums)

    What issues or problems are being reported about the Turnigy 9XR?

    This post will contain the latest information about reports of problems from Turnigy 9XR users as well as workarounds or solutions.

    Is the Turnigy 9XR backwards compatible with the Turnigy 9X?

    No.. The 9XR uses the DSM2 protocol, while the Turnigy 9X uses the FlySky protocol. Backwards compatibility will likely be available through a separate module for the 9XR.

    What modules will work with the Turnigy 9XR?

    The Turnigy 9XR will use standard JR modules. Modules that are built for the 9XR can use the internal antenna, or may use their own antenna mounted on the module itself.

    What will the Turnigy 9XR look like?

    A brief view of the Turnigy 9XR can be seen in this video review of a Turnigy transmitter case.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 534003_389044921139556_116473125063405_1161648_541343613_n.jpg   9xr-enlarged.jpg   9XR.jpg  
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    Will this be a death blow to Spektrum?
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    Nope. People will still pay the extra money to have the prestige and the over-the-top post sales service.

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    est said: Will this be a death blow to Spektrum?

    lbstrmsh said: Nope. People will still pay the extra money to have the prestige and the over-the-top post sales service.

    It IS poised to deal some damage to several top tier radio manufacturers bottom line.
    A new generation is rising that doesn't have "brand loyalty" and doesn't expect post sales service.
    Their ideas are born of a cheap throw away world. Low cost products that work "acceptably well" are their only expectations.
    As this group grows the larger manufacturers will HAVE to adapt to the new market paradigm to survive.

    I have a Futaba 7C and a Turnigy 9X and I see very little difference in fit and finish between the two. As far as functionality the 9X now reflashed to er9X now has superior programibility to the Futaba with receivers that cost 1/10th of the Futaba receivers.
    I simply don't need radio equipment that is priced at many times the cost of what I am flying with it.

    If the new Turnigy comes in at the price point they expect it to then the other manufacturers will have to respond eventually with cheaper models or price reductions on existing models. Lets face it they all have been price gouging for years and the ride for outrageous profits is almost at an end. Volume sales is the new name of the game.

    imho of course.

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    Gen Y hasn't hit 30 yet, Thurmond... Still a good 10 years before we hit the RC world on mass... Even then I'm still amazed at how loyal even my generation is to certain brands, simply for the prestige.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobstermash View Post
    Gen Y hasn't hit 30 yet, Thurmond... Still a good 10 years before we hit the RC world on mass... Even then I'm still amazed at how loyal even my generation is to certain brands, simply for the prestige.
    Yes I think that this wont be the dead blow to Spektrum. Look at EZuhf and Dragonlink, they are one of the best popular UHF brands. When chainlink came they still solled well. But if the 9XR is going to have no flaws/problems I think that it will encourage companies such as spectrum to inovate new systems/products. I am only happy to see this.
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    if you do not care about brands - why do you have an Iphone :d

    I think it will help Parkzone a bit with their BNF fleet.

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    I have a friend that can't wait for a 9XR!
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    EVERYDAY on my flying field someone with a OrangeRx (Dsm2 with no satellite) loose signal ... sometimes for over 10 seconds .... often resulting ina bad crash.

    I simply dont trust DSM2 .....

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    I have no issues with my Spektrum - all my Skywalker FPV has been done with it...

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