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    Quote Originally Posted by Spitfire222 View Post
    Great video, I'm sure it will help lots of new scratch builders! I couldn't help but notice that you were using the ruler with the cork side up. Unsure if that was done on purpose, and I know that it helps keep the guiding edge flat against the paper you're cutting, but I think the advantage of the non-slip cork preventing the ruler from moving when you cut is too good to pass up. It can be quite easy to have a metal ruler slip and make you mis-cut! I hate it when that happens! Keep up the great work.
    Even better than cork is fine sandpaper glued to the underside of the ruler.


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    Make this an article!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeporterinmd View Post
    I tape all the sheets together as you do, tape them to the board and cut the plan and the board all at once. Yes, the plan gets ruined, but it doesn't take long to print another one if you need to. Also, as I cut, I will often re-tape the plan to the board to keep it from moving.

    I've switched to the spray glue on posterboard method. After making 2-3 wings, I got tired of printing, and my paper only plans were not very accurate.


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    can you can write some paragraphs around your video

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