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    What versions of Phoenix can these be used on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnRambozo View Post
    FT Explorer 3 channel (Trainer) and 4 channel (Sport) versions are now available. Need feedback on flight characteristics, please! (Download in first post)
    Using Phoenix to build up to first real plane. I've been planning on getting the Explorer 4ch but after downloading the model you have here it feels extremely sensitive. I looked through all the replies to this thread but I have not seen anyone talk about how true to reality this is. Can anyone provide input here?

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    Thanks a lot. I have been trying to find these models to download for a long time

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    Got a pheonix 5.5 sim in the mail today. Got a family AMA membership this year and want my son and wife to learn to fly. HDMI'd it to the family's large flatscreen tv and having a blast tonight. Will have to get these on my sim very cool. My 13 year old flys my versacopter better than I do in real life. Are you able to put the versacopter in the sim download as well. Just wondering and thanks a ton for this work you do.
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    file not working

    can somebody help me. i am using windows 10 and after downloading the files and extracting in the PhoenixRC folders, models didn't show up in the main phoenix RC program

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