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    808 #18 Keychain camera for FPV

    The 808 #18 camera has an AV out on it, thus making possible to use it as the camera for FPV. However, I have also heard that there is some lag in the AV out. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and what they think? Currently I am using the 200mW 900mHz system from hobbyking. The camera that it comes with is terrible in almost every way possible, so even if the #18 is so-so, it would still be an improvement from what I have.



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    I have the 808 #16 camera and have tested the video out on it. It outputs NTSC and for some reason was letter-boxed on my screen that I use for fpv. I would not recommend that you use the camera for FPV as it does not handle light and dark well. There was not a much of a notable lag on the number 16 camera that I have when displaying video out.

    Get this camera if you can it's amazing: http://www.securitycamera2000.com/pr...-Menu-DNR.html
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    This camera is reported to be VERY good for FPV:


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    Thanks, I won't bother with the 808 #18 then. I'll probably have to pick up one of those cameras because I mostly fly at dusk so I need a camera that can handle a bright sky and a dark ground at the same time.

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