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    Family Friendly Club

    I got back into the hobby last year after a 15 year break and decided to join a local club to help me remember how to fly. When I went to visit I noticed that there were no kids around at all. Started getting a little nervous because my plan was to have my boys heavily involved in my flying like I did with my dad. To my relief the majority of the club members adopted my kids as the unofficial mascot of the club. This year I have been teaching my boys to fly using the explorer both at home and at the club. Last week during one of our flying sessions one of the club members sneaked around us to take this picture. Later that evening I get an email with the picture with a note saying "I took this when you were not looking". I love the look of consecration on my son's face.

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    Snow is Coming
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    Agreed, and glad you found a great club that welcomes your family! I feel I'm just as lucky and have taken some pictures like yours at club events:

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    I wish there was a flight club where I live, actually, thank you for this post. I'm going to make a small "club" just amongst my friends as down here the one thing in short supply is someone to fly with!

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    This is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post
    This is awesome!
    AGREED FRED! THIS... my friend is what FT and the HOBBY is ALL ABOUT!! THIS made my day!
    Thank you so much for posting DENGAR256!

    Blessings everyone and happy flying!


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    I'm 45 years old and am the youngest member at my club by at least 10 years. Our club president just turned 90, whenever I have my kids (6 and 8) at the field and he makes it a point to tell me how awesome it is to have them out flying. He's told me before when I was buddy boxing them to use the whole sky, he would make sure to keep his plane away from ours. He's a great guy!

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    This is great to see and read about. I have a 3.5yr old son that I want to teach and also have taken a break from the hobby for about 15 years. We found a local park where fellow flyers have been really friendly and open. My son is helping me power the planes and we retrieve them from the middle of the field together after landing. He named the Champ "Mr. Yellow" and we are building an FT Mini Scout together.

    When we asked him a few weeks ago what he wanted to be for halloween, he said: "A quadcopter". :-/

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes, do it. Photos or it never happened.
    Truths in life:
    1) Everything that happens happens for a reason. Luck does not exist.
    2) In this existence we are part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is ours.
    3) We aren't defined by our circumstances but by our reactions to them. Crisis reveals character.

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    It is great that you seem to have found a genuinely friendly club.

    Sadly it appears that I am a committee member of a club where old style committee member bullys rule the roost. Sadly I stand up to their bullying and so far I have been threatened or had expressed their feelings of a need to physically assault me. To date I have coped 2 episodes of public verbal abuse and temper displays aimed at me and I have just had a plane of mine banned because it made too much noise according to the bullying element.

    Beware of friendly clubs and make sure you have a copy of their rules or the rules will be made up as they go.

    Little do they realize, I fight bullies and never surrender!!! More battle news as it comes to hand!

    Try hard to always have fun!
    Hopefully making a difference!

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