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    Need help setting up my first tricopter


    I just built my first tricopter from rc explorer and can't find anywhere to show where to hook up the leads to and how to set up the board. Could someone help me?

    Dt750 motors
    Kk 2.0 board
    HK t20A ESC's
    GWS EP1427 props

    Fly Sky th9x transmitter.

    Note: I flashed the ESC's as per v2.6 build, and can't get the esc,s programmed with the card. Even with an alternate power source, the board does not power up from the esc?


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    Here is the site on programming your KK2.0 using an usbasp programmer, check out all the "Basic usage video tutorials":

    Latest stable (Windows) programmer software:

    Select KK2 and load the KK V1.2 firmware to the board. Then on the board itself set the motor layout to "tricopter" (2:00 in this video):

    The pinout for the KK2 board should be (going clockwise on copter starting front left) M1,2,3 and rudder servo on M4.

    The Manual for the KK2 board is here:

    To calibrate the ESCs it says:

    "Esc Calibration":
    2: Turn off the FC power.
    3: Turn on the transmitter and set the throttle to max.
    4: Press down button 1 and 4, keep pressing until last step. Releasing the buttons aborts the
    5: Turn on power to the FC
    6: Wait for the ESC to beep its full throttle calibrated signal. Takes a few seconds, depends on the ESC.
    7: Lower the throttle to idle.
    8: Wait for the idle throttle calibrated signal.
    9: Release the buttons.
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    Thanks dezertdog... Much appreciated

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    Oh...crap.. flashed it with im really confused !!

    How do I flash it back to KK1.2 ??

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    Found the link and reflashed it to KK2.0 V1.2

    Now all I need is someone with a TH9X to tell me how they set up their radio.

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    Ok...update. Got the programmer up and running. All the motors operate in the correct direction, and throttle response good. If some one could give me their expos and values, it would be appreciated.

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    Normally i would set rates at about 55% for pitch and roll and leave yaw at 100% you dont really need expo unless you are taking video. If your throttle is too twitchy then you may need to make a throttle curve.
    Dont know if the kk2 allows you to do any of this onboard since using too low rates on the Tx may give you arming issues.
    Before you take off make sure all your controls are going the right way and all your gyros are counteracting your movements when you try to roll and pitch by hand. Be careful if you are doing any of this with the props on which is not recommended.

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    would i be able to run one of these tricopters off a 4ch tx? ive got 2 spektrum dx4e's, and figure i could use one in a tri build if its possible... if not, im gunna be waiting a while, cause i dont have the cash for a new tx/rx right now...
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