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    Episode 43 - AirBears

    Episode 43 - AirBears
    Released: October 07, 2016

    Steve and Kevin talk with the one and only Scott Zimmerman of the AirBears.

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    I have listened to both your podcast & flite tests podcast with Scott. I don't doubt Scott's desire help the community but I just don't understand his obsession with "the law". Steve seems constantly looking for some piece of legislature that says he can do exactly what he is doing. This seems totally arse about face. My opinion is you just do something until someone shows you something in black & white that says you can't.

    No one will ever tell you can do something they only will tell you what you can't.


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    If someone shows you something in black & white, it's too late already. "Ignorantia juris non excusat" - ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    You will be prosecuted if you do something that's against the law. And in this case the whole group will get a bad reputation and not be allowed to do what they are doing anymore.

    Being prepared, being able to demonstrate that you know the law and handle accordingly will give you a big advantage...

    ... especially if you are trying to work with law enforcement.

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    +1 Balu - the gov't has shown an extreme tendency here to bring the 'black and white' you can't do this message via multi-thousand dollar fines. And I'm not willing to put my family finances at that level of risk because of my hobbies and a desire to help people.
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