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    Reminds me of the Estes Scissor-Wing Transport I built many years ago.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image-scissor-wing-transport-300-600-105611133124226.jpg 
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    That's not mine, btw - always thought it was a really neat concept.

    Current fleet: Bixler 2, Baby Blender, UMX Spacewalker, Sea Duck, Mini Arrow #2, Top Flite Mini Contender, FT Mighty Mini Fokker DR-1, Great Planes Super Sportster EP, 130% FT Simple Cub, Tiny Whoop, FT Gremlin, Blade Torrent 110
    Retired: Old Fogey, FT Storch, Mini Scout, FT Flyer with ailerons, Bloody Baron
    Giving up because it just doesn't fly: Hobby King Cri-Cri (1050mm)
    Dead and buried: FT Spitfire, FT Mustang, Mini Arrow #1 :-(

    The wind was light, but the gravity was strong.

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    attempt to revive this thread

    notice that this thread has been dormant for a while ... thought I'd try to revitalize it

    started building water rockets with my nephews (12 yr old and 2 10yr old twins) in the summer two years ago ... they had a blast (literally)

    last summer I asked what they wanted to do but they didn't know ... so I introduced them to FliteTest ... they watched the videos ... laughed with (at?) the Josh's ... and decided that it was what they wanted to do ... so we invested in new radio gear (mine were antiques), motors, esc's and DTFB ... and they learned to build (I did all the razor cutting for them) ... fly ... crash .. and rebuild ... fly ... crash ... rebuild ... and so on ... again ... they had a blast

    so in preparation for this summer ... I thought I'd try to combine the water rockets and the DTFB aircraft ... but I wanted to make sure it was possible before I got them involved ... my first task was to search the forums ... and I found this thread

    so ... this is what I've come up with (hopefully it'll standup to the acceleration forces since it's a wing)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WaterRockerArrow03a.jpg 
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ID:	86189Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WaterRocketArrow02a.jpg 
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ID:	86190Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WaterRocketArrow01a.jpg 
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    I also wanted to keep the flying weight under the 250gm UAS limit (thanks FAA) ... right now it comes in at 265gm ... and yes ... it's regular, non-water proof DTFB ... thoughts are to do the initial testing with only air (no water)

    so ... it does glide but that's all I've tried ... my plan is to maiden it at FliteFest West 2017 next week ...

    who knows ... maybe it'll generate some interest and we'll have some people who might want to piggy-back a Mighty Mini Arrow Water Rocket build within the MiniArrow community builds that are being planned ... anyone interested?

    we'll see how it goes at FFW

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