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    Episode 50 - Future of the hobby!

    Episode 50 - Future of the hobby!
    Released: November 25, 2016

    Join Steve and Kevin as they discuss what might become of the hobby in the future.

    Questions, Comments? Get in touch with us:
    Reply right here on the forum or:
    Email us at
    Listen to us on PodBean
    Have a look at our Facebook or instagram

    Thank you for listening and subscribing!

    Free our Skies and See you next time...
    FreeFall RC Podcast Crew
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    You mentioned not knowing many places still making balsa kits. Here's my bookmark list of current kit manufacturers that I've either bought from recently, or have on my wish list. Not counting places like Hobby King or Banggood whose kits I've both used, and won't subject myself to a second time.

    The first five on the list are my favorites, and I'm hoping others will chime in with some other manufacturers I don't know about.
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    Holy cow! awesome man thanks!
    "Clear Skies!"

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