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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdnic View Post
    I have been in contact with Adams since jan and actually have good news. Based on our feedback they are testing updated paper. They are sending me a few boards of the new stuff to test. I got an email about this last week so I should know pretty soon if there is light at the end of this tunnel.
    wow that sounds great, and thank you so much for what you are doing for the community,
    I would also like to add thank you for the good quality "how to design DTFB airplanes" videos and inspiring me to get into designing a few of my own planes with some success.
    Always remember this when you are struggling with something,

    "It is possible.....just not in a way you know yet".

    designs Bell P-39

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    Update on the sample boards Adams sent me

    OLD | 0525
    CURRENT | 0524
    SAMPLE | no sku yet

    I ran through all the same tests, strength, humidity, cutting, etc. Overall the sample boards are a huge improvement over 0524! The main negative is that it's still brittle when compared to 0525. I don't have a confirmation on ship date yet, but Adams should be updating to the new paper soon. I have asked them to update the SKU so that we can tell which boards are which on the store shelves.

    - The sample boards cut much nicer than the 0524 so I am very happy about this!!
    - Paper comes off in solid sections like 0525
    - Humidity has little effect on the sample boards

    - Strength testing seems in line with 0524, which is weaker than 0525 by about 10%
    - Durability is like 0524, more brittle than 0525

    - Weight is a little heavier than 0525, but not by much

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    Thanks - you are our HERO!!!
    - David -
    Love the Fiberglass Skinned Foam Core.
    Learn, Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat
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    You've got to be the most determined person I know! Great job brother!

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    That's good news Nic, also shows that Adams cares about it's products. I don't care what anyone else said, going direct to adam's was the way to go. Is this the end product they will produce or is it just experimental?
    There is an art to flying, a knack actually, it's the ability to throw yourself at the ground and miss - Hitchikers guide to the galaxy

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