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    525 is the old.
    This is a great thread and I appreciate all the posts. I especially appreciated this little gem of information! I went through my supply and found that everything I've bought lately is the new stuff. One sheet remaining in my stash of the old stuff. I have noticed a difference in how the new board cuts compared to the old but am in the middle of my first complete build with it. So far, aside from the cutting issue, it seems to be working just fine. Sheets are flat and no issues with the paper. I'm not sure there is enough difference to make it worth making the rounds of all the local stores.

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    The R.L. Adams website says that they released a new foam board called Readi-Board Premium that is "thicker, sturdier, and even flatter" foam than the normal one. I think they might have done that in favor of the Premium foam.

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