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    Quote Originally Posted by TooJung2Die View Post
    Thank you for posting your article. The technique works! The Arkansas stone will make the blade sharp as new. The strop will make an edge sharp enough to shave with. After a bit of practice you'll be able to sharpen a blade faster than it takes to change a blade. I don't have jewelers rouge so I use Mothers metal polish on the strop. Same effect.
    Thanks you, from the land of Lost Wages.
    My 3" stone got bumped off my workbench last week and broke. 1 1/2 inches isn't quite long enough to have a nice stroke. so I purchased this:

    I really like the longer stone. Three strokes each side and done.
    Now... back to the New Readi-Board that I have not tried yet.
    - David -
    Love the Fiberglass Skinned Foam Core.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HilldaFlyer View Post
    1 1/2 inches isn't quite long enough to have a nice stroke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdnic View Post
    Update for you guys. I had been in contact with Adams since the first week of January and have continued correspondence since. The latest update is that they are testing new paper to correct the issues we are seeing! This is great news and I'm very excited to know our voice was heard on these issues. I look forward to seeing what Adams comes up with for the new white paper.
    Good to know. And I hope it solves the problem. In the meantime, I just bought some foamboard here in the U.S. at Office Depot. Same U.S. made stuff as found in Mexico.

    I have never seen actual DTFB, but the Office Depot stuff seems fine, albeit more costly.
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