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    It's all part of the plan lrussi750's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Williamsville NY
    Hey Guys,

    Looks like we hit a dry spell here. Just checking in to see what planes are in the works.
    Thanks for all your doing with the sims. It really is appreciated!

    Luis Russi
    Impatiently waiting for Flitefest 2018

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    Oct 2015
    Central NJ
    I agree with Luis, thanks for all that you have done. Any chance of the simple cub in the future?

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    Does anyone know if there is a way to convert these to RealFlight 6 / 6.5?

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    First a big thank you to those who created the add ons. I was about to buy RFx because it had a few FT planes installed.but so many people are saying to stay away from it. So i am glad i ran into this poasting. I Have a Gremlin and am excited to try to besighn my own. Any sugestions? On How to build the Gremlin Flight Chareteristics? Going today to pick up 7.5

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    Apr 2016
    Waimanalo, Hawaii
    Thank you so much for creating these models. I am using them in my FT STEM classes so my students can get use to flying them before we get on the field. If you are taking requests, we would like to see the following: FT Tiny Trainer, FT Spitfire, FT Mustang, FT MIG-3, FT Explorer. These are all planes that are options for the kids to build in our class. Thanks again
    Cullen Chong
    FlashPoint STEM

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